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Meet our team

Chris Humphrey

Tel: 252-527-3666

900 W Vernon Ave Kinston, NC 28501
T: 252-527-3666
1112 E Ash St Goldsboro, NC 27530
T: 919-736-3434

Goldsboro Location

Keith Vaughn


I was born in Brooklyn, NY on June 06. Years later, I moved to North Carolina where my parents were born and spent most of my grade school year in the town of Hertford, Perquimans County which is located northeast of the state where it is said to be the land of beautiful woman. From North Carolina we move to Houston, Texas where I completed High School then joined the US Army/Army National Guard and stayed in the Armed Forces for about twenty one active years and total service for 26 years.

I enjoyed my time in the Armed Force, where I picked up a couple of hobbies that has stayed with me, such as: racquetball, running, weight-lifting and other hobbies as horticulture and lawn maintenance which is my relaxing time and personal time for daily reflections.

After leaving the military, I became a Life insurance agent, working with American General Life and Accident Company, and for a short while I worked with a local independent Property and Causality Insurance Company in Goldsboro, NC. I currently work with Chris Humphrey Insurance Agency, where I am enjoy working and learning a lot. After the military, I also completed my Bachelors in Business Administration and Religious Studies and am now working on my Masters in Religious Education at Liberty University.

I have enjoyed 29 years of marriage and have one son and two beautiful grandkids that are the pride of our lives.

“Live Forward and Learn from the Past”

Wade Parker

Sr. Sales Representative
Tel: 919-736-3434

I feel very privileged to be a part of the Chris Humphrey Agency. I can truly tell you that I am surrounded by some really great people.

I am a native of western NC and have resided in Goldsboro, NC since 2001 and really enjoy life here. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two adult sons. We also have one grandchild who is our pride and joy.

I am an ordained minister with the National Association of FWB and have held several local, state, and national positions. We have been in the ministry for 43 yrs. and have not only pastored in NC, but in Ky. as well.  I currently pastor the St. John FWB Church and have a congregation of very loving people. So as you can see, I am a very busy man.

Besides my work, my interest is working in my yard and occasionally going hunting or fishing. Also, I am a huge UNC fan.



Denise DuBois

Customer Service Representative
Tel: 919-736-3434

I got married at age 19 to a guy that I grew up in church with.  I was blessed with five children of my own, I always wanted lots of them. I took in several foster children in my late twenties and early thirties. I was able to keep one, a sweet little mentally handicapped boy, named Paul at age eleven.  He works at Wayne Opportunity and we will be celebrating his fifteenth birthday this year.

I love sports and played church basketball, volleyball and softball from age twelve to my early forties. I am a fun loving, people person and love doing things for others.

Kinston Location

Judy Ball

Agency Manager
Tel: 252-527-3666

I have worked in insurance for 43 years and started working in the industry at the age of 17 in April 1973.

My husband of 43 years is a Pastor in LaGrange and I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  I love reading, singing, shopping and camping at Jordan Lake!  We have a fur baby named Baby and we love family gatherings.

Curtis Narron



Shannon Ebright


I had done retail for 19 years until came to work for the Chris Humphrey Agency in November of 2016.

I was born in Raleigh NC but raised in Grifton, NC. I am the youngest of 2 girls. I participated in many pageants and when I was 16, I was Miss Grifton Shad Queen.

I have been married for 8 years and have 2 boys, my oldest is 17 and a senior and my youngest is 16 and in 10th grade.  I also have 6 dogs that are my babies. I do a lot of camping with my family and boys keep me busy with baseball year around.

Kaye Hardison

Customer Service Representative
Tel: 252-527-3666

I became a licensed insurance agent in 1994 after I took my state board exam. I’ve worked with a few agencies over the years and was excited when an opportunity came up to work at Chris Humphrey’s Agency in early 2016. I love dealing with the customers and being part of a great team.

I was born and raised in Duplin County, NC. I was the second oldest of 4 siblings. Being the oldest girl I had to play rough and was quite the tomboy. My oldest brother taught me how to play Basketball and I played on the school team from Middle School thru High School, earning MVP in the tenth grade. I was so proud and always thankful that he took the time to do that for his little sister.

I married my High School sweetheart. We were married for 21yrs and have 2 beautiful daughters and we have also been blessed with 3 grandchildren. I then remarried in 2002 to Ronnie, and we have a dog name Gracie. She is a very big part of our family too, we are a family who loves to spend time together.


Carolyn Ball

Senior Customer Service Representative
Tel: 252-527-3666

I’ve been with the Chris Humphrey Agency for 4 years now. Previously, I was in fast food management most of my life, then I was in commercial insurance for 4 years about 14 years ago.

I have 2 little female fur babies, 11 and 13 who greet me everyday after work with love and excitement! After I settle in for the evening, all three of us get in the recliner and chill out while I drink my caramel chocolate coffee, decaf of course. Life is good!

I attend the La Grange Church of God where I am a floating Sunday School teacher and fill in on the drums occasionally. I love spending time with my family and visiting my sister and her family in Florida. If and when I ever retire I plan to be a snowbird and visit her during the winter months because I dislike cold weather and days that turn dark way too early.

I love to read, fish and watch a great movie. I do regret I never took culinary classes which is something I would love to do but they do not offer night classes. Maybe one day I will when I’m a snowbird!