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Chase-ing A Cure

Chase Hooker is a local 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with ALL leukemia, the day after Christmas. He was in the hospital for 1 week at the time of diagnosis. He began chemo immediately and was sent home, with instructions to return to Vidant-Pitt (where he is being treated) for chemo. It didn’t take long for Chase’s weakened immune system to be attacked, causing him to develop RSV. He then had to be placed back in the hospital for three weeks.

Schoolgirls reading a fairy tale together


He was sent back home and has remained there, with occasional hospital overnight stays here and there. He continues chemotherapy. The first round was very successful and all of the chemo cells were killed. The doctors estimate that it will take 3 more years of chemo to completely cure him of ALL. Jerimee and Amy, Chase’s parents, haven’t been able to work very much since December, but they still have house payments, car payments, and other regular needs. Chase also has a younger brother, Colton, who needs to be cared for. Chase has very expensive medicine each month, and the trips to Greenville and overnight stays begin to add up very quickly as well.

As a side note, shortly after Chase’s diagnosis, Amy’s father and Chase’s ‘papa’, passed away very suddenly as the result of an abdominal aneurism. This family has been put through the wringer over the last several months, and still has many more trials to endure before they can put this all behind them. Money can’t buy happiness or make this all go away, but it can definitely help take worry off their minds and allow them to focus on helping Chase get better!

Schoolgirls reading a fairy tale together

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