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Building a Future

Chris Humphrey Insurance Agency is holding a school supply drive for the kids and students at the Boys and Girls Club in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Since it is the summer, we are asking our wonderful clients and friends to stop by one of our offices, in either Goldsboro or Kinston, and drop of any school supplies you have to benefit kids who don’t have access to these necessary tools.


With the school supplies, the Boys and Girls Club members will:
Have the proper items in accordance to their school supply list because they usually never get all the supplies on the list
Give them the tools to complete homework assignments without having to be at the club to receive supplies
The most needed items are pencils, paper, binders, glue, book bags, scissors, erasers, and pens.

Most of the children served come from disadvantaged houses and reside in public housing, which is why they desperately need our help. Read some of the quotes below to see how beneficial organizations like the Boys and Girls club are to these wonderful kids
“If I had not come to the club I would have never graduated because we cant come to club if you don’t go to school”
“Staff at the club were like my parents”
“I went to college because of what I was told at the club…about how important it is to get a good job.”
“I have done well because I want to make you all proud”
Let’s help ALL these kids get excited about school and learning!

If you are unable to make it to one of our offices to drop off school supplies, you can make a monetary donation on our donations page.

By giving to these kids you will help them receive help and support, and to thrive in their studies. A small good deed can truly turn a child’s life around, so we thank you in advance for making a HUGE difference in multiple children’s lives.

Chris Humphrey